What our clients say

Rensair delivers air pur to companies of all sizes and across all sectors: from hospitals, soins dentairess, schools and gymnasia, to hospitalité venues, hôtels, restaurants and vendre au détail outlets.

Here’s what some of them say.

  • Northern Gas and Power

    ”We now have 12 Les purificateurs d’air Rensair across our two sales floors. They work to complement the building’s already fully functional air flow system. The units are simple to use and operate. Our dedicated COVID Marshall manages their general upkeep, checks to make sure they are operating every day and cleans the filters.”

    Paul Barrett, Operations Director, Northern Gas and Power

  • Walt Disney Studios

    « I am very happy with Rensair and so far all is working well ».

    Jodie Nixon, Manager, Health and Safety, The Walt Disney Studios

  • L'école de King's College, Wimbledon

    « Rensair is both effective and simple to use, especially during these unprecedented times in which educational institutions are particularly busy, ensuring that pupils can continue to learn in a COVID-safe environment ».

    Claudia Gibson, Estates Bursar at L’école de King’s College, Wimbledon

  • Capim Dourado

    « The Rensair unit is a gem, quietly doing its job in the centre of the restaurant and keeping us all safe. The Rensair team has kindly offered us some marketing material so that we can promote our air purity to attract guests. Many people want to go out to dinner but are naturally still anxious about Covid transmission.”

    João Winck, Capim Dourado restaurant, Porto

  • Ronald McDonald House Charity, USA

    ”Rensair’s Le design élégant et compact is attractive, easy to move and operate, and the maintenance is simple. We are always striving to provide the healthiest environment for our guest families. We continue taking all measures to contribute to better qualité de l’air, following guidance from RMHC Global, our partner hospitals and other medical authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control ».

    Holly Buckendahl, CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charity, Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana, USA

  • Lytchett Minster School

    ”It’s as easy as plugging it in and turning it on and off. For a busy school, ease of use is important. The areas that were high risk are now functioning to capacity, and there’s reassurance that Les purificateurs d’air Rensair are contributing to mitigating the risk of viral propagation ».

    Kieren Hasler, Business Manager at Lytchett Minster School, Dorset

  • Chicago Blues Hall of Fame

    ”As a guitarist, producer and recording artist, I often work in the close quarters of recording studios. The presence of a Rensair certainly helps my creative process by giving me the peace of mind in knowing I can focus on the project at hand.”

    Dave Specter, guitarist, band leader, producer, and Delmark recording artist. Member of Chicago Blues Hall of Fame.

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La technologie du purificateur d'air Rensair élimine 99,97 % des virus, bactéries et autres polluants en suspension dans l'air.